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McDonough Pressure Washing has made it its mission to provide the best possible customer service to each one of our customers. We work to exceed the expectations of our customers with every job that we do. We guarantee results and take pride in the attention we have for every detail of cleaning windows. We know that windows are something that you will look through every day, and they must be clean and clear.


Window Cleaning Done Right


When we clean your windows, we do not leave any details out. We use a proprietary window cleaning solution that will leave your windows crystal clear. You will wonder how you ever saw anything out of your windows in the past. We provide various services, including moss removal, gutter cleaning, siding scrubbing, and pressure washing. You can request your free quote on the work you would like done.

Our professional team members use water-fed poles to ensure that your windows are streak-free. Every window receives a sill and frame clean. We work from the ground to complete 90% of the work in a safe location. The methods that we use helps to protect your property from unnecessary damage.


The Benefits of Pressure Washing


McDonough Pressure Washing provides you with countless benefits through their professional pressure washing services. There are many benefits to pressure washing being done at your home, including:

  • Thorough cleaning that removes grime from multiple surfaces that cannot be removed with a simple washing with a cloth and window solution;
  • A better view of the outside world minus that nasty dirt that has managed to build upon your house
  • Increased curb appeal, renewing the look of your home.

Some people choose to rent a pressure washer and try to take care of the exterior cleaning of their home and windows. Renting a pressure washer and doing the work yourself can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing for several reasons:

  • Inexperienced people using powerful equipment such as a pressure washer can cause damage to their home’s exterior, which can lead to expensive repairs;
  • When washing windows, a certain amount of pressure is required, and if more is used, it can damage or break windows;
  • The work that is done will not be to a professional standard since the pressure washer user is likely not that experienced with using a pressure washer, while the professionals at McDonough Pressure Washing use these machines every day;
  • You may not complete all of the work you want to do in a single day because you do not use a pressure washer every day and may miss certain areas.
  • Pressure washers are not always available for rent when you want to rent one, but the professional team at McDonough Pressure Washing is ready to help when you want work done.

Here at McDonough Pressure Washing, we understand that there is much more to pressure washing than meets the eye. We know the correct pressures to use for a variety of jobs. When it comes to windows, the pressure needs to be much lower to prevent damage and breakage. Pressure washing is not just hosing down a dirty surface; it involves skill with a power tool that can be dangerous if the person using it is not trained with proper safety and use of a pressure washer.


The most common DIY pressure washing mistakes include:


  • No cleaning solution: DIY Pressure washers only load the pressure washer with plain water. They don’t add in cleaning solutions, and this reduces the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Not using cleaning solutions may lead to an increase in the amount of pressure used, which may cause damage to surfaces and can also spread the spores of mold around, causing expensive damage.
  • Pressure too High: Too much pressure can cause a lot of damage, such as etching lines into your home’s siding, cracking windows, or carving strips out of your wood deck. The highly-trained technicians at McDonough Pressure Washing understand that the correct handling and proper distance for pressure washing is the best way to get the best results without causing extensive damage.
  • You are cleaning in the Wrong Order. Out-of-order cleaning does not cause permanent damage, but it will make your efforts seem pointless when you clean your home out of order. For example, if you clean your windows first and then try to wash the remainder of your home, then your windows will end up grimy once again with the residue from the rest of your pressure washing.

When you want sparkling windows and a clean home, call in the trained technicians at McDonough Pressure Washing. We will not leave until your windows are perfect and your home looks incredible too. Contact us now to request your free quote.