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McDonough Pressure Washing helps home and business owners restore their property to pristine condition. As a locally owned company, we want our community to thrive, and we make that happen by masterfully cleaning every project you entrust to us.


Our Mission:

McDonough Pressure Washing builds mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, customers, and community by delivering quality pressure cleaning services at fair prices. We grow our business by remembering our customers and employees matter the most to our company. We contribute to the improvement of McDonough, Henry County and Southside Atlanta by improving our neighborhoods and businesses.


Our Company Story:

We created McDonough Pressure Washing because we want our community to look its best. We wanted to help our neighbors keep their property looking like new, and we wanted to offer Southside Atlanta’s best people a great place to work.


Our Inspiration:

We noticed a few things.

  •         Everyone is extremely busy—especially homeowners.
  •         Because they are so busy, homeowners run out of time to do the maintenance and upkeep necessary to keep their property looking its best.
  •         People who buy “do it yourself” grade pressure or power washing equipment hoping to maintain their property themselves quickly find out that professional level cleaning requires professional level expertise, equipment, and cleaning technicians.
  •         Pressure washing makes a huge difference in the appearance of a homeowner’s property.
  •         A professionally cleaned/pressure-washed home gives homeowners one of the best returns on investment available.
  •         Simply put, professional pressure washing is an affordable investment in an uncomplicated maintenance service which can result in a $10-20,000 increase in home value according to the National Association of Realtors.


Our Customers:

McDonough Pressure Washing wants to help homeowners who understand their home is their best and most valuable asset and investment. As a small but expert business located in McDonough, we hope to connect with Henry County and the surrounding Southside Atlanta area residents looking for ways to keep their homes looking pristine.


Our Customer Commitment:

McDonough Pressure Washing promises:

  •         Respect—We treat you, your people (employees, family) and your property like we would want to be treated.
  •         Honesty—We tell our clients and customers the truth—about costs, timing, expectations, and the potential return on investment.
  •         Timeliness—Your time is valuable and whenever possible we will arrive, start, and finish your projects as promised.
  •         Expertise—We hire and train the best people available. We expect our team to honor our customer commitment.
  •         Safety—Pressure washing is extremely dangerous to people and property. McDonough Pressure Washing trains our team members to safely clean your property so you or your people are never at risk.
  •         Value—McDonough Pressure Washing offers fair pricing. We want you to agree with us that our cleaning services are mutually beneficial to us and to you. By hiring us, you invest in your property and increase its usefulness and value.
  •         Passion—We dedicate ourselves to the mission of McDonough Pressure Washing on every project. We enthusiastically perform to the best of our abilities on every job—no matter the size, scope, or cost.
  •         Results—McDonough Pressure Washing cleans your property to the best condition possible. We want you to be confident that your completed project will be the highest quality available.


Our Services:

Please contact us at 678-483-2687 and ask us about free estimate for any pressure or power washing project you need help with. We will help you restore any property or building to its best possible state.